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Kiecha Lacey

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Kiecha Lacey

Fashion Consultant /CEO

Chicago IL

Fashion model and consultant Kiecha pronounced (key’sha) is known for her refined, classy and  elegant style has been in the fashion industry since she was thirteen years of age Growing up in  the inner city of Chicago she took the love of fashion from her mother and godmother at a very  early age. By having her easter suits designed by her godmother this allowed her to put her  creativity on showcase at church. Growing up with a classy mother who believed that women  should not bare their arms and should always wear stockings groomed her to have a classy lady-like flare and the rest became history. At the youthful age of thirteen she began to  collaborated with some of the world's most esteemed designers such as , Chez De Alexander,  Ganier Designs, Faira Signature Designs, Wanda Cobar, ES Designs, Micheal Josephs, YahMyel  Ateller Designs and the list goes on. With her innate sense of style and industry knowledge she  has graced the runway for such companies like Luster Products, Soft Sheen, Proud Lady, Bonner  Brothers, Namaste Hair Products, Motions Hair Products an United Colors Of Benetton. She has  graced the pages of such magazines as Black Elegance, Suburban Black Style, Today’s Black  Woman, and ABI Fashions. Continuing her modeling career in print ads even to this day with such  companies as Macy’s, Marshall Fields, Sears, Carson Pirie Scott, Kohls and JC Penny.


Consulting  and designer brands is one of her passions as she enjoys helping both emerging designers as well  as established designers.    Featured in the January edition of POWER and receiving the Professional Organization Of  Women Of Excellence Recognition Award for 2021.  She has now become the President and CEO of  The Polished Group,  an organization established in December 2018 with a selective group of  eight talented individuals in the area of fashion. Collectively, each of them use their skills, talents  and training to serve local communities, churches, schools, businesses colleges and other  organizations, making a difference and leaving a positive POLISHED impact in today's society  From speaking on domestic violence in shelters for battered women, to speaking at seminars on  healthy eating and living. From clothing models and modeling in fashionable charitable events, to  running/walking in marathons to raise funds to support and find a cure for Lupus and Cancer. As  well as donating free prom make-overs and shopping sprees, to help with purchasing of books for  students. From serving hot meals and clothing the homeless to providing Christmas toys to kids  and donating school supplies to back-to-school drives.


With a huge passion for the youth the  Polished Group takes great pride in sitting with youth groups, listening to their daily challenges  and insecurities and providing a solution, to help rectify the situation, restoring their confidence,  building their character and exercising self love.   With a loyal engaged social media following and a reputation as an influential voice within the  industry it is important that I give back and create a pathway to where dignity and class is  restored back into fashion.  

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